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Emil Amok is Emil Guillermo is : Recipes!! Plus an addendum for David Feldman Show listeners on Giuliani’s leakiness

Hey DFS watchers/listeners:
No leek soup recipes here. Just the good stuff. Vegan, no oil recipes actually used (you can see the kitchen scars), battle-tested, and consumed.
Potato Pancakes and Pumpkin Bread pudding. Some from FOK. Some from other sources. Enjoy.

Now for the Feldman #1194, just want to say I had not heard about Giuliani’s leakiness until after. I am sensitive to these things being a person of color myself.
So I know Rudy’s pain is greater than his Borat movie shirt-tuck. (That is all he did, tuck. A shirt. What the tuck?) But to leak on himself during a press conference. This is worst than a leaky diaper. Depends? Ok how about a leaky colostomy bag?

Oh, instead we settled for another round of Toobing.

I promise to do better. Here’s your recipies.Emil vegan recipes for Feldman fans

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Emil Amok: Georgia goes Blue, Trump should too. And some Veterans Day talk with Emil and Dan.

Georgia goes to Biden officially and now the electoral landslide is real. With a popular vote cherry on top. Almost a mirror of the Trump landslide in 2016. But Trump still denies it. Does he expect a second Trump term? Or does he think he got voted president of some utility company by the way he’s gaslighting?

MORE: Here’s a Veteran’s Day talk I did with SFSU professor Daniel Phil Gonzales:

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