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Dear Ann: My job offer to Ann Romney

Ann Romney never worked a day in her life.

Let me rectify that.

Ann, I ‘ve got some light filing you can do. And I can pay you the San Francisco living minimum wage even (much higher than what they pay in Utah, or Massachusetts, or Michigan, or wherever you domicile these days).  You’ll get the experience you need to counteract all those mean Democrats who’ve gone over your resume and don’t think you can survive a finger nail break. 

I think my job would be a better defense for you than your current surrogates. Like last night, there was Sarah Palin defending you on Hannity’s show, saying how you did have a job—raising five children.

Come on, Ann. I know you contracted out some of that job. I’ve met one of your nannies (on a plane in buisness class)  and she said you were a nice employer. But I think she did all the heavy lifting in that job. 

That’s all right.  You can start for me hourly.

Call it my attempt at some affirmative action for rich, white women who just can’t seem to catch a break these days. 

I’ve got your back!