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Emil Amok: Georgia goes Blue, Trump should too. And some Veterans Day talk with Emil and Dan.

Georgia goes to Biden officially and now the electoral landslide is real. With a popular vote cherry on top. Almost a mirror of the Trump landslide in 2016. But Trump still denies it. Does he expect a second Trump term? Or does he think he got voted president of some utility company by the way he’s gaslighting?

MORE: Here’s a Veteran’s Day talk I did with SFSU professor Daniel Phil Gonzales:

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RSVP for Free Panel Discussion on “The Celine Archive” documentary–Unburying a ghost story that’s real.

It’s a Filipino American story that says a lot about us then and now. RSVP to attend an online discussion with the filmmaker Celine Parrenas Shimizu,family members of Cecilia “Celine” Navarro, FANHS founder Dorothy Cordova and others. I’m moderating, so RSVP now for this FILIPINO AMERICAN HISTORY MONTH capper.

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Posted by Filipino American National Historical Society Museum on Saturday, October 24, 2020