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Emil Amok: Thoughts on the Capitol Riot, Trump, working at the Capitol, and a failed People Power manipulation by Trump

Some thoughts on the failed insurrection:

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IF YOU WANT TO SEE HOW THE MOB AND LYNCHING ARE INTER-RELATED, NOTE THAT “#HANGMIKEPENCE” WAS TRENDING ON TWITTER. Filipinos were lynched and murdered in the Jim Crow parts of California in the 1930s. On Jan. 6, 2021, insurrectionists were looking for the vice-president whom they regarded as a traitor.

Emil Amok! More on Pearl Harbor fallout, Filipino American reaction, and Biden wins again.

Joe Biden won the electoral college vote. It was certified on Monday. Will those in the Trump bubble believe it?
That’s the question. Now that Putin is hacking U.S. government agencies and congratulating Biden, perhaps Trump loyalists should move on.
But as I suggest in my column at aaldef.org/blog, Trump is the guy who takes it beyond the limit. He won’t stop here if there’s a Jan showdown left
in Congress. Who will continue to play dumb for Trump? AG Barr won’t. But who wants a pardon?
That’s why it doesn’t feel as good as it could right now. Biden won again. He has a sympathetic cough. He calls for unity.
But Trump still has 30 days or more left. He still has the keys. An intervention from his pals? Michael Flynn is out there whipping up the
Proud Boy frenzy. We still have some ugliness to endure.

That’s why we still need a Pro-Democracy movement in America.

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In the meantime, take a gander at this museum popup on Filipino American history.

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Emil Amok’s Filipino American History Museum Popup: “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s” Filipino Thanksgiving and Filipinos in showbiz; DACA; and more!

Hey, it’s virtual FANHS museum popup!

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