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On Lady Gaga, Rush Limbaugh, and bullying as “racism without color”

The Rush Limbaugh Internet Sex tape story, also known as the failed Sandra Fluke/Attack on women satire, is getting to be all that El Rushbo can handle.  He’s apologized for his statements,  but it’s not good enough.

Limbaugh’s in Limbo. And his story trumps Super Tuesday and the Obama presser.

It’s become  the GOP’s War on Women.

I see it more as people realizing that Limbaugh is just a bully and doing something about it.

It’s about time.

Limbaugh used up his “Get-out-of -jail-free” card when he dodged his OxyContin charges. Now it seems the world is realizing it doesn’t have to take Limbaugh’s crap anymore.

Got a bully story?  Check out my bully story at the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund blog where I coin the phrase “Bullying is just racism without color.” 


Conversely, racism is bullying in color.