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Humanizing Bin Laden: He read Noam Chomsky? Colored his beard and used “natural Viagra”?

Osama bin Laden’s home videos have been released as have other details about his life.

Is it a surprise that he liked reading MIT Professor Noam Chomsky’s work?  The right has always marginalized Chomsky who remains an outspoken left-wing intellect.  But is there some validity to the questions Chomsky asks about the death of OBL?

You may disagree with him, but if you don’t allow Chomsky to speak his mind and discredit him as a “two-nickel crank” (as the Wall Street Journal has done) what has become of our great country, the land of the free? 

Don’t we fight the terrorists in order to protect our unique freedoms? We certainly don’t fight terrorism in order to  restrict or intimidate Americans from expressing their strong opinions.

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