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Funny Hader send off on SNL had plenty of diversity—for a change; And advocates still optimistic when it comes to immigration reform

To my surprise, immigration advocates are optimistic despite all the DC scandals. There’s a feeling that reform is moving along with a real purpose, now that the House has announced it has reached a compromise to go up against the Gang of 8’s in the Senate.

See my piece on the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund blog.



I suppose we should be happy that DJ Baby Bok Choy and the Kabuki lady represent!  But wasn’t Bobby Moynihan available to play either role in yellow face? (That would be SNL SOP, no?)




SNL/Hader’s Hu? Not sure about it, then watch it again. I thought we were done with Charlie Chan’s Showbiz?

Get past the ad and go to the open.  It’s about 8 minutes long.

Non-traditional casting aside, don’t you think there are enough unemployed Asian American actors out there to add to the realism of a comedy sketch?