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Asian gambling bus crash in New York: Are tour operators shorting us on safety?

The tragic bus accident in New York this past weekend that killed 15 people has suddenly drawn attention to this well known fact: Asian Americans like to gamble.

The gambling bus from Chinatown is as much a staple as the 9-course banquet meal. 

Sure there are high roller types who will fly to Vegas and bet enormous sums of money. But there’s a vast market of Asian Americans who just like a little fun and are willing to go  budget class to a gambling destination to bet a few bucks on high odds games.

That doesn’t mean the trip itself has to be a high odds proposition.

So as the New York Times discovers how Asians are targetted, much the same way as other sin products like cigarette and alcohol companies go after ethnic markets (Do you ever see an Asian American drink malt liquor?), it’s nothing new.


What’s more noteworthy is  that by being willing to take an inexpensive overnight journey, or a quick turnaround jaunt, companies may be shortchanging Asian Americans on safety.

As you can see, the driver of Saturday’s bus wasn’t exactly an angel.


Saftey first? Apparently it doesn’t matter with a bus load of Asian Americans.