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Come on Straight Face America: Is it so hard to resist the incredible Mr. Weiner? We were great with Fukushima…

In the “new toys, new sins” department, we find Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York, who

doesn’t quite understand why people want him kicked out of the sandbox that is politics.

I mean sexless sex? Who cares?

Arrogant, confident, self-deluded guys tend to think that way.

Is that the kind of guy you want as a public servant?

It is public servant, last time I checked, not “Public Master.” Yet, once you get a bit of power and some of the limelight, you can begin to believe that you are untouchable. Especially if it’s just pix on a phone.

So where’s the line between public and private here?

We don’t need a saint. We just need people who can display good judgment, who we can trust, and who we can admire for the things they do in life.

What now would recommend Mr. Weiner?

If he’s not good enough for public office, private life awaits. Hey, there’s the spot next to Spitzer on CNN. The Public Deviants Hour would be great fun.

Weiner’s press conference, which I suppose was his acceptance of his weinerness, is a start for a way back to something.

That he doesn’t want to resign shows he’s not exactly remorseful for the things he perhaps needs to be remorseful about. So maybe it’s private life for him, then no one would care about his sexting.

He’s really left it up to the people of New York to decide whether to forgive the him. And if they want a guy who would sell them out for a hot sexting session, that is their business. 

It’s not for us to decide.

We are left to giggle about Mr. Weiner.  He’s not our rep.  Just think. We wouldn’t have a problem if he had a name like Johhnson…OK maybe not Johnson. But what if it were a Reid, as in Harry. (A Harry Weiner would be funny). Or Priebus as in Reince the GOP chair who insists he doesn’t find any joy in deriding Weiner.

I’d leave this alone, but even here in Intestinal, California, the reddest part of the bluest state, there’s Weiner talk.  

Come on, straight face, America.  Is it that hard …to resist? We didn’t go crazy when we were all saying Fukushima, now did we?