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It’s not as dreamy as I’d like, but Congress set to vote on Dream Act this week

Check out my blog post on the uphill battle for the Dream Act  at the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund website:


Many GOPers are planning to vote against the Dream Act. 

They’re not thinking.

All those undocumented students that would be legalized become voters for life. Voting for the Dream Act is ultimately a selfish act for a GOP legislator.

But they’re stuck in the old closed-minded thinking about immigration that believes the undocumented shouldn’t be rewarded for becoming educated and productive taxpayers. To them, the dream is to send people back to their countries and cut off any new access to the border.

That’s not my dream. Is it yours?

In bypassing Dream Act, the Senate shows no vision in creating positive immigration reform

What’s with the Senate’s inaction to move on the Dream Act?

Vindicative, close-minded conservatives have blocked a provision that would allow industrious undocumented students a chance to prove their worth in American society. 

With the Dream Act, a high school student could have been given a pathway to citizenship with the right to attend college or join the military.

Instead, a Senate, lacking vision, has snuffed out those dreams, and killed the measure.

These are the immigrants we want in America. They are innocent children whose families came here looking for opportunity. 

When you say no to these young people, you only expose the cruel illogic of anti-immigration advocates.