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Emil Guillermo: Iowa? Asian American’s knew how to caucus; Why I think Donald Trump lost; And the sign to look for when Bernie Sanders has really broken through.


Cruz’s edging Trump, or Sanders in a dead-heat with Clinton, will be the main  headlines in the mainstream.

Where will you read about how Asian Americans weren’t totally invisible on Monday night?

I talked to three Asian Americans who were all engaged and energized by the grassroots process on display in Iowa.

See my piece here at NBCNews.com.

Now as for Trump

There was a sense that something wasn’t quite right with the Donald when I saw him on a Sunday morning show and he was saying: “I have heart. If people have no money, we have to help people.”

What happened to America’s wall candidate?

He was talking about how government should help poor people who can’t afford health care. And it was a sign that the businessman who has been  callous, bombastic and vulgar on the campaign trail was starting to soften up.

Too little, too late.

Trump  needs to soften up even more.



When Trump attacked Cruz in Iowa, Cruz deflected the ad hominem approach. He should thank Trump, because it gave  nasty, bad guy Cruz appear nicer and more above the fray than he normally does.

It made him electable. Look what happened on Monday.

Trump’s blunder wasn’t missing the final Iowa debate. It was giving the otherwise nasty pit bull Cruz the opportunity to look sympathetic.

That could be an unpardonable sin.

Going forward, I’d bet Trump learns from this, and  turns his approach to the nice Donald–if he really wants the job.

As for Clinton/Sanders, I found Asian Americans, primarily for women. But Sanders’ emergence from a year ago has been impressive. And heading into New Hampshire, the key for him will be making the case to people of color who have been presumed to be in Hillary’s camp. That will be the sign that Sanders has broken through.

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The Diversity Deficit: Why it’s hard to get excited about the GOP even on Caucus night

Will Mitt Romney eek by? Will Ron Paul upset? Santorum? 

If you’re a person of color, it’s hard to care who says what in Iowa. Or even the next stop, New Hampshire.  The candidates just aren’t talking to the rest of us. At least, not yet. 


With Cain out of the running, it really is an all-white horse race in these all-white venues.  And by the time they get to a state that looks like America, the race will likely be over.

Did they really want people of color in the Republican party anyway?


Hey, even George Bush had the Patti Labelle and the  O’Jays singing “Love Train” at the 2000 convention. Eleven years later, the GOP still hasn’t quite figured out a way to spread the love.