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What the New York Times left out: More on the PETA investigation on the abuse of drugs in horse racing

All the news that’s fit to print? Or that fits? And then what about video?

This PETA-produced video fills in all the gaps left by the New York York Times story (3/20/14)  on horse racing and drugs.

Specifically, there are two main points–the use of thyroxine , and the use of a buzzing device that shocks horses into running faster–that were left out by the Times.

I did the voice-over for this video.

As previously disclosed, my wife is with PETA.


New York Times covered the investigation with this story on 3/20/14:




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Cat lover? See the the reason why “Babe” and “The Artist” star James Cromwell was arrested for protesting animal torture at Wisconsin; Check out the video here

Actor James Cromwell and Jeremy Beckham, an activist for PETA, were arrested Thursday for disrupting a meeeting of the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents, as they called experiments conducted at the university  cat torture.

I voiced this video that shows the grim details of the cat experiments at Wisconsin.

The Kentucky Derby? Wouldn’t you really rather be racing pigeons?

Forget about those horses on the first Saturday in May.

Believe it or not, pigeon racing is spreading throughout the nation as a parimutel wagering activity.

I voiced this video for PETA. Some may call it propaganda, but it’s actually an excellent undercover investigation worthy of the network news.  For example, I just saw an undercover investigation on NBC about mold contractors. Ho-hum.

Does pigeon racing sound like a joke to you?

Check out the investigation yourself.