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Watching the Oscars and rooting for “The Descendants”

In California, but not Hollywood, watching Oscars like everyone else. But my family’s doing it up Hawaiian-style (a coconut monkey in a hula skirt, and two tiki mini-torches on the dining table) and rooting for “The Descendants.”
The film is an underdog to “The Artist.” I liked both, but my brief time on Oahu made the George Clooney film my sentimental favorite. Besides, there were real Asian Americans in that film. Clooney is my favorite for best actor as well, but the buzz on “The Artist,” and Jean Dujardin, may be a bit too hard for film and actor to overcome.
“The Artist” was fabulous too. Beyond the silent film aspect, I thought the movie was a perfect recession era film for our modern times. When Valentin gets usurped by the talkies, it’s almost analagous to the technological upheavals that have changed numerous industries today. Maybe after tonight, the movie will be more widely released and more regular folks (aside from filmsnobs) can see what all the hubub is about. You won’t find “The Artist” in most U.S 16-plexes (at least not in my neck of the woods).
It shouldn’t be seen as a film just for nostalgic film buffs.
If you’ve lived through this recession, unemployed, with an upside down mortgage, there’s a lot in this film to which you can relate.
Still, I thought “The Artist” was about 20 minutes too long.
And I thought the dog should have been nominated.
That said, the teenager in “The Desendants,” Shailene Woodley, should have been nominated too.
I also managed to get to “My Week with Marilyn.” Michelle Williams is my choice for best actress. Won’t happen. Too much Davis/Streep talk. But Williams was Marilyn.
Got to see “Tree of Life” last night. Pretty. Arty. But not Oscar-y.
Have fun watching.
I will keep drinking Mai-Tais until “The Descendants” win something. And if they don’t, I’ll switch to banana daquiris.
And by then, I’ll be just like the guy in “The Artist.”