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San Francisco Giants beat Nationals, 4-2; Immigrants win and lose, 13-5

DC’s favorite baseball team, the Nationals, lost to the San Francisco Giants in extra innings 4-2 when the Giants scored a run in the ninth to tie, and World Series hero Pablo Sandoval hit a walk-off homer in the 10th.

Back in DC, also in extra innings, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted that immigration reform package out of mark up and on to the Senate floor, 13-5.

Hard to say who won there.

The Gang of Eight’s compromise is still together, and a pathway to citizenship is still in play for 11 million undocumented immigrants.

But Asian Americans failed to get deleted provisions in the current law restored.

And in the biggest blow, same-sex advocates couldn’t even get a vote on an amendment that would allow for bi-national partners to re-unite.

Same-sex marriage is hard enough. Same sex immigration not even in the discussion.

Discrimination continues. That’s why 13-5 isn’t quite the victory it could have been.

See my 5/22 post on the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund blog.




In bypassing Dream Act, the Senate shows no vision in creating positive immigration reform

What’s with the Senate’s inaction to move on the Dream Act?

Vindicative, close-minded conservatives have blocked a provision that would allow industrious undocumented students a chance to prove their worth in American society. 

With the Dream Act, a high school student could have been given a pathway to citizenship with the right to attend college or join the military.

Instead, a Senate, lacking vision, has snuffed out those dreams, and killed the measure.

These are the immigrants we want in America. They are innocent children whose families came here looking for opportunity. 

When you say no to these young people, you only expose the cruel illogic of anti-immigration advocates.