Emil Amok’s Takeout: E396/Fifty-years after Marcos declared Martial Law; Puerto Rico; Asian scholars leave U.S.?; Professor Daniel Phil Gonzales, SFSU College of Ethnic Studies; E395/ Brits in Manila? 1762; Russia/UN/Blinken; Pussy Riot; Griner; Hunyh, Tao, Hung Cao, Jay Chen; Migrants’ want injunction; Trump talk; E394/Russia’s threat; Biden’s UN response; NY AG’s Trump suit; Asians in “Quantum Leap”; Aaron Judge turns 60;

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E396 9.23.22 Prof. Daniel Phil Gonzales; 50 years after Marcos’Martial Law; Puerto Rico; Trump Dump.

E395 9.22.22 Pussy Riot; Brits in Manila; Russia/Putin/Blinken; Migrants’ want injunction; Trump legal woes…

E394 9.21.22 Quantum Leap’s AAPI; Putin’s Threat; Biden’s UN Response; NY AG tackles Trump; Aaron Judge; Volunteers for AALDEF Poll.