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Emil Amok: Emil Guillermo’s FBLive@2pPacific podcast here; On Sikhs, Gun violence, and the Chauvin trial’s closing arguments. Monday 4/19/21

It’s Emil Amok’s Takeout–A live podcast M-F @2pmPacific. We talk about Asian Americans like they matter.

Watch the live show on Facebook @emilguillermo.media or on my personal Emil Guillermo page.

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Emil Amok: My interview with novelist Ishmael Reed, Part 2, on Atlanta, hate crimes, the media, Basquiat, Boulder, and more.

We talk about the op-ed column that appeared in the New York Times and take apart its argument that the Atlanta killings were not hate crimes. They certainly were more than a coincidence. Yes, they were hate crimes.

See my other columns including a piece on Rob Bonta, the new nominee for Attorney General of California on the AALDEF site.