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Linceblog: Tim Lincecum reportedly done for season. Giants too?


The  Freak in healthier times dangled the ball and had a motion that would turn his whole body into a flame-throwing pitching machine.

But now with his health in question, Tim Lincecum–the best Major League Baseball player ever with Filipino blood– is done for the season, according to multiple reports.

And it could signal the end of his career  as a San Francisco Giant.

Lincecum, 31, a two-time National League Cy Young Award winner for being the best pitcher in the game, four-time All-Star, and a three-time World Series Champion, is being shutdown for the rest season, San Francisco Giants general manager Bobby Evans told the Chronicle.

Lincecum has been recovering from a hip injury and sought medical treatment on Wednesday to see if surgery may be required.

I saw Lincecum last week and tried to talk to him, but with headphones on, he was riding a white motorized rover-style scooter and zipped away.

Lincecum will be a free agent in 2016 and is likely to have pitched his last inning as a Giant.

That would be hard to fathom for faithful Filipino American fans, and others, who looked on Lincecum as their special Giants hero.

Picked tenth overall in the 2006 draft, Lincecum has been the face of the franchise for much of his nine seasons and compiled a 108-83 record, with a 3.61 ERA.

The Giants are known to reward their heroes for past efforts. But Lincecum this year is being paid $18 million.

Once his health is right, Lincecum may want to test the free-agent market, but it’s unlikely he’ll command from other teams whatever the Giants might offer him to keep the fan-base happy.

Then again, the Giants got rid of Mays and brought him back. Baseball is strange that way. I could envision Lincecum trying Seattle, his home base, and a new league.

And then coming back to the Giants at the end.

But the most important thing now is his health. His hips were good enough for the motorized monorover. But just not ready for an MLB playoff drive.

Do they have Tommy John surgery for a pitcher’s hips?

As for the Giants, they may not be good enough for a last minute playoff drive. Three one-run defeats in a row to the Dodgers made for great baseball, but were heartbreaking.

The three games embodied the frustration of an entire season.  The Giants didn’t catch many breaks in the LA series and ended up falling just short. That could be the way the season ends, unless the disabled list clears and the Giants can muster one major push in September. The Giants with the second Wild Card last year have always been masters in “Just In Time.”

There may still be time. But they’ll need some luck too.

Linceblog: Matt Duffy gives Lincecum, SF Giants the early lead v. Seattle; Makes you forget that Panda guy.UPDATE: GIants Win! Next, the Warriors?

Matt Duffy wasn’t supposed to be the Pablo replacement. But his work ethic and production has kept him on the roster and forced him into the starting lineup.

And now when the Giants are swooning, Duffy is really coming into his own.

In the 2nd inning, his two-run blast to the left field bleachers gave Lincecum and the Giants a little breathing room early.

But compare these  numbers:

6 HR, .745 plus OPS; .282 BA, 28 RBI

6 HR, .718 OPS; .261 BA, 23 RBI

The first set are Duffy’s.

But here are two other key stats:

Duffy is five years younger, and 85 pounds lighter.  (Not too mention, about $17 million lighter in salary).

Pablo’s career years may be over.  That’s what you get paid for. Duffy’s could be this year, and in the future.


Tim seemed to struggle with control with 4 walks, but still managed to pitch around the Mariners and let his  fielders help him get outs. He made just two bad pitches both to Mariner Brad Miller.

Miller’s solo shot in the 5th was Seattle’s lone run. Then he came back  with  two outs in the 6th with an RBI single, to cut down the lead to 3-2.

That was enough for Lincecum, who left this line:

5.2 innings; 5 hits, 2 runs, 2 earned runs, 4 BB, 3 SO,  3.31 ERA.

It’s a win and a stop if the Giants and the pen can hold it from here.

Giants started game with a 5-game losing streak, 9 straight losses at home.

But they ended strong, adding some insurance runs to up the final margin to 6-2 over Seattle.

Win for Lincecum, now 7-3 for the year.

And now Game  6. Go Warriors? Or do you want a game 7 that bad.

I said Warriors in 6. Let’s keep it at that.  It’s more 1 v. 5. LBJ vs. GSW.  Can LeBron will a win?

And if so,  then there’s a Game 7 and more travel by week’s end.

Let’s see Curry and Thompson,  get super hot and end the madness with a super splash.

They got a lake over there in Cleveland. And it’s no mistake if the Warriors win in 6.

Emil Guillermo’s Linceblog: (updated) Tim had it a little bit, the Giants not at all; Bad mojo extends through Sunday. But Pirates start week with pleasant memory.

Tim Lincecum looked like he had his stuff.  Especially after the first inning when he induced two ground ball outs and struck out Atlanta’s Freddie Freeman.

As Lincecum walked back to the dugout, maybe he should have kept walking.


He had 5 strikeouts after 4 innings, and had at most 1 walk. But the Braves were hitting them were they ain’t, scratching out one run each in innings 2-5. Suddenly, the Braves were up 4-0 and Lincecum’s home scoreless streak–which  had been at 22 innings before the game, the longest active scoreless  streak in the Majors– was a distant memory.

Lincecum was done after 4 1/3 innings, with this line: 8 hits, 4 runs, all earned, 4 BB, 5 Ks, and an ERA of 3. He threw just 83 pitches, 63 for strikes.

Close enough maybe for the Giants, the best team in baseball in May, to mount a comeback?

But the difference was Braves pitcher Williams Perez, who in his third major league gets his first win.

The 24-year-old right-hander had thrown five scoreless innings against  the Dodgers in LA last Monday.  On this night he topped it with 7 scoreless against the Giants at AT&T.

Perez scattered four hits, walked 4, struck out 3.

He had the Giants number more than Lincecum had the Braves where he wanted them.

After the game, Lincecum admitted he was pressured by the Braves leadoff hitters. “They had me working out of the stretch a lot, taking an extra base as well. Stealing a couple of bases definitely put some pressure on me and I had to make better pitches in those scenarios. They put some pretty good swings on some pretty good pitches.”

That they did. And the Giants didn’t.

Surprisingly, the Giants did have 8 hits and left 11 on bases.  But they never seemed to be really in this game offensively.

The Braves were, and finished with 8 runs, 14 hits.

With the season about  a 1/3 done, this is a game best forgotten by all.

But it was a bobble-head night.


Whatever ailed Lincecum and the Giants on Saturday continued on through Sunday. Bumgarner looked good, until he gave up that homer to ex-teammate Uribe. The Giants seemed to come back on a Joe Panik home run. But homers by Panik, Belt and Crawford just weren’t enough. A blown save by Casilla, an error by Crawford, and the little things add up to a second loss to Atlanta.

Next, the Pittsburgh  Pirates.

Last time the two teams met was last year in October. It was the wild Wild Card game, one game, sudden death, winner takes on the Nats.  Bumgarner was dominant. Crawford hit a grand slam.  That’s the memory you live on.  You forget this past weekend.


Emil Guillermo’s Linceblog: It’s Timmy Day again at the ball park



Giants fans still look forward to every Lincecum start. Especially Filipino baseball fans the world over, as Lincecum remains the best ever-part Filipino baseball player to play in the Majors.

Saturday night the two-time Cy Young Award winner makes his 10th start of the season, and what a season.

He’s back to the Timmy of old at 5-2, and a 2.56 ERA in nine starts.

He looks good for tonight. Last year he was 2-0 against tonight’s opponents, the Braves with an ERA of 1.32.

The Giants overall just look good these days. If pace makes the race, they’ve reversed the trend of “fast start, lousy May” of previous years (remember 2013?). Now it’s lousy start, strong May, stronger June?

They’ve won seven of their last 8 at home. The Giants are hitting, fielding, pitching.

And now they’ve overtaken the Dodgers to be first in the NL West.

Can the defending world champs make it last?

Emil Guillermo: My take on Britt McHenry and what I call “White Media Privilege,” the sleeping baggage handler, and those world champion SF Giants.UPDATED


Once again video is our collective social conscience, or at least the instant replay of life that enables all of us to judge. High and low.


And that’s what ESPN’s Britt McHenry’s rant at the towing company was all about.


I mean really, when you begin a rant with “”I”m in the news, sweetheart,” you are not talking about fat-shaming.

Should we be surprised that  TV people are full of themselves?  I watched that ESPN Britt McHenry blowup and was surprised that people were surprised.

Britt’s no Reese Witherspoon, but remember how the “Wild” star threw a fit and was arrested by a cop in Atlanta?

People in the media, high and low, get these “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM” moments. It’s because “MEDIA PRIVILEGE” is more intoxicating than “WHITE PRIVILEGE.” And when you are white and in the media, it’s even more toxic.

For people who protest McHenry’s suspension by saying it’s not work related: Who do you think is watching the news? It’s all those people who work at towing companies. That’s the audience on the other side of the camera.

Update on McHenry: Britt backers say the tape was edited. Sure. But they didn’t put the words in McHenry’s mouth. Believe me, I hate tow companies as much as the next guy, but McHenry had a chance to use her power positively. And she didn’t. I know what happens when you work in TV. This is the reason why beauty pageant contestants want to be anchors. It’s cheap showbiz entitlement. This incident serves as  a wake up call for everyone on the “talent” side.


His identity is still not revealed. But I can tell he’s Asian. Maybe even Filipino. It’s his accent on the 911 call.  There’s a magic phrase that resonated.

He said “stop it.”


That 7-6 loss in 12 innings could become a symbol of the season.

The Giants battled and the players with something to prove, Matt Duffy and joe Panik, did what they could to extend the game, getting key hits to tie the game in the 9th and the 10th innings.

They almost did it again in the 12th.

The seventh loss in a row puts the Giants  in last place, the second worst team in the NL.

It’s early, yes. But there’s something about an early Thursday night extra-inning loss as the team tries to win their first game at home.

That’s the kind of thing that could prophesy  a 162 game season.

A theme emerges.  Yes, the  team battles, comes back,  but comes up short by a run.  In soccer, the phrase often used is “Unlucky.”

It’s something a team that has won three World  championships since 2010 has rarely heard.


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Linceblog: Tim Lincecum’s first inning blues; one pitch golfed into the stands makes all the difference.


(Lincecum pictured here on a much better day).

He still made batters miss tonight. But the Giants’ Tim Lincecum’s  28 pitch 1st inning set the tone against the Rockies Wednesday night.

A walk and a hit put runners on base for Colorado batter Nolan Arenado, last night’s defensive star.  ‘

Tonight he was the offensive star.

With two pitches, Lincecum fooled him badly and looked like he had him with two strikes in the count. But Arenado anticipated the next pitch, a slow curve outside, and golfed it into the left centerfield seats to make it 3-0, Rockies.

Usually you can weather that if you have a decent offense.

But when you have a team that can barely muster a run, giving up three in the first make the home team’s bats even heavier.

Lincecum had some good ball movement in the first. But he isn’t showing much velocity. His fastball only hit the gun at 88 mph, which doesn’t make for enough of a speed variance to fool hitters consistently.

The Arenado sequence went 72, 80, 78.  Even with some movement, the pitches start looking the same.  Lincecum tried one more slop pitch away and Arenado got him.

Lincecum’s line didn’t look all that  bad.  He went 5 innings;  88 pitches; gave up 6 hits; 4 runs, 3 earned,1 walk (good control), and 4 strikeouts (he still fooled some of them).

He just didn’t get run support.

But then, this is the team that scores in the post season with  sac bunts, double plays and normal outs.

It just seems more charming in the post-season. Early in the regular season, it just seems …less  charming.

Giants got back a run in the first with Aoki (HBP) and Pagan with an RBI single scratching out some offense.

They didn’t get shut out.

The Rocks added a run in the second  to make it 4-1.

And you know Lincecum would have wanted that one pitch to Arenado back, as he watched the rest of the game from the dugout.

UPDATE: Matt Duffy added a homerun for the Giants in the bottom of the 8th.  And that made the score appropriate for Jackie Robinson Day.  In a game where everyone wore No.42, the score ended up appropriately, 4-2.