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Emil Amok: Thoughts on the Capitol Riot, Trump, working at the Capitol, and a failed People Power manipulation by Trump

Some thoughts on the failed insurrection:

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IF YOU WANT TO SEE HOW THE MOB AND LYNCHING ARE INTER-RELATED, NOTE THAT “#HANGMIKEPENCE” WAS TRENDING ON TWITTER. Filipinos were lynched and murdered in the Jim Crow parts of California in the 1930s. On Jan. 6, 2021, insurrectionists were looking for the vice-president whom they regarded as a traitor.

Emil Amok: The Filipino American History Month Controversy

What’s wrong with Filipino American History Month? The specific FAHM discussion starts around 2:11:00

It’s me and Prof.Daniel Phil Gonzales.

It’s Filipino American History Month, right? But is it right?

You can also watch the entire show right here to get a snapshot of the 2020 Filipino American electorate based on the National Asian American Voter Survey.

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