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Updated/Shows 83-86: Emil Amok is Emil Guillermo, #83; On the Fourth, we need a Pro-Democracy Movement in America; News meditations on China; Afghanistan; Front-page journalism; Balut; and Joe Rogan; It’s Emil Amok’s Takeout! EAT? Check out EAT #84 on Carrot Dogs, Friendship Days, and Vegetarian cows; 7-6-21 show, #85 on Truth Decay! And 7-7 show on SEX EDUCATION…



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SHOW 85 July 6, 2021

SHOW 86 –July 7, 2021

Emil Amok is Emil Guillermo: Show #68, “In the Heights,” Lin-Manuel Miranda saved by the bell, dodges question on Hamilton as slaveholder; Honoring Darnella Frazier, Citizen Journalist; Pulitzers; News scans; More! From Friday 6/11/21. Get Emil Amok Daily…Live on FB or recorded here.

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