Royal Wedding of Kate and Guillermo? Couldn’t do it. Not even for another Guillermo. What was 1776 all about? We left all that remember?

I was up. It was there for me to turn on.  I could have seen it live.

Instead, valuing my sleep, I resisted. If I see any of the hooha, I’ll catch a processed snippet. 

That may be  like shunning the cheddar for the Velveeta.  That should make you want to go vegan.  

Cutting out dairy? I cut out the Royal Wedding.

I had zero interest in the Royal Wedding.  The pre-wedding, the wedding-wedding, the post-wedding.

Everything about royalty is anti-democratic.  You’re born into it, unless you sleep into it. We celebrate that?

The royals aren’t particularly pretty, smart, or interesting. Everyone looks like Charles. Even the girls.

Do we really need another distraction? Aren’t the extremely long NHL/NBA playoffs enough?

By the way, hundreds of people are dead in the South, there’s several wars going on, Japan’s a wreck, people are out of work.  Here’s a job for them. Count the number of ugly hats at the Royal Wedding.

What we need in order to get re-focused on what matters is a distraction from  the distraction. Where’s the Tea Party on this issue when we really need them?

Why doesn’t the master of distraction, Donald Trump, turn his focus to the Royals. Someone tell him it’s better to be king than president. He could  raise the virginity issue for kicks as some did when Diana and Charles did their thing. He could demand to see blood test records. Have a reality show for Andrew’s real bride. He could use these antics to establish his foreign policy cred.  If only.

Actually, it’s great that the wedding took place so early in the morning. I wake and I’m done with it, like it never happened.  I’m up and ready for  the honeymoon. 

Maybe, I’d change my mind if William went by the more exotic Guillermo?  Nah.

Have a great day!