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Emil Amok: Happy Lunar New Year.So why did SFUSD have to demagnetize Lowell High School? And go to a lottery?

In this video, I talk about Lunar New Year; the rash of anti-Asian attacks by Black perps; How we all can use some Black History Month lesson right now, like the story of David Fagen, who knew our common ground; Finally, I get to Lowell High and why the decision to demagnetize the magnet hurts minority kids more than people realize. What if you don’t get in by lottery? Doesn’t that absolve the school district of a thing. Instead of solving an education problem, they’ve left it all up to chance. The new model of public education, maybe you will, maybe you won’t get educated.




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Emil Amok: Why Destroy The Best Thing in Public Education? Addressing Equity and Diversity at SF’s Lowell High In A Way That Doesn’t Hurt Us All.

I’m an alumnus of Lowell, a San Francisco native, and I hate what they want to do to Lowell High. It was more important to me than going to Harvard.

My op-ed piece in the SF Chronicle on the proposed lottery for admissions to Lowell High.

I say it’s a bad gamble.
Read why.

A lottery is about luck. Let’s be intentional about fixing racism in the schools. I mentioned some ways it could be done while keeping Lowell an academic school.  But that would take some leadership and thought.

I talk about it here in this video:

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Emil Amok is Emil Guillermo: Here’s more on the U.S. soldier David Fagen, the African American who became a Filipino Freedom Fighter. A true “Insurrecto,” Fagen knew what it meant when his U.S. commanders called Filipinos the “N-word.” They were fighting words. So, of course, he switched sides.

My Emil Amok’s Takeout talks to Professor Daniel Phil Gonzales about David Fagen, the African American Buffalo Solider who deserted during the U.S.-Philippine War to become a Filipino “insurrecto.”

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