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Were the Oscars really that boring? Where’s Sacheen Littlefeather when you need her?

I watched and was surprised at how unfunny the Oscars were.  I laughed at Chris Rock’s jokes. But the rest of it? Emma Stone? Painful.

Lacking in humor, lacking in real diversity (lacking in Asian Americans, oh wait there was that violinist on the commercial bridges),  lacking in importance.  Do you really care about the fancy dresses?

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Obama’s “War”: As NATO takes over in Libya, rebels find they can’t move without U.S. enablers

Reports out today that the Libyan rebels are finding that the ease of movement last week is no longer. Last week, the U.S.’ rebel partners had airstrikes and were traversing more friendly territory. Now NBC News is reporting the rag-tag rebels are having a tough time advancing  on and confronting the Gadhafi loyalists.  The rebs want more sophisticated weapons. Rocks won’t cut it. Now does NATO and the U.S. arm them?  

We’re getting sucked into a real war here, folks. No matter what the president says, the U.S. is the war enabler.

Now, how humanitarian is that? 

Check out my blog at www.aaldef.org/blog  to read my reaction to the president’s Libya speech.

Emil Guillermo: No wussy approach on Ed Rendell’s “wussy-gate.” Rendell’s China comparison was racebaiting at its worst

Interesting how all the comments on Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell’s wussy remarks want to focus on America’s softness.  I happen to agree that Americans are overprotective but only because we’re over litigious.

My complaint with Rendell is why he pulled the China card in his comments to prove America’s wussiness.

If Rendell were John Stewart I might think about giving him a pass.

But he’s no John Stewart. (Just like John Stewart’s no Edward R. Murrow).

Rendell is governor in a state where dozens of Asian American and Asian immgrant students have been  harassed at a South Philadelphia high school. It was so bad the Department of Justice had to be called in. 

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Emil Guillermo: Check out my new blog on the AALDEF site…

It’s my privilege to associate with the  Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, in starting a new blog on Asian American issues and concerns. 


I’ll still go “Amok” here, of course, but check out the blog and see what AALDEF is doing for the broader Asian American community.

This is the first time I’ve written under the masthead of a non-profit not focused strictly on journalism.  But just as I did on op-ed pages for other publications, AALDEF has given me the independence to post my opinions on the news as I see it. 

I hope you enjoy the posts there as much as you like the assorted posts here at Amok.com.