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Corporate hypocrisy ending: CVS stops tobacco sales and inspires trust; Won’t take your money for cigarettes and chew that causes cancer. So why are other stores putting profit first?


The Marlboro Man, the dead ones, are surely smiling from their graves.

Tobacco, the addictive and cancerous drug that pleasures then kills, will no longer be sold at CVS stores.

That’s a real corporate breakthrough. Health before profits? What are CVS execs smoking?

I can’t believe that a company willingly would give up an estimated $2 billion unless they figure the PR in doing something like ending tobacco sales will enhance its other services. 

Sure, if they make it up selling prescription drugs and other things in the healthcare system, then it makes sense.  Lose $2 billion in cigarettes, make $20 billion in other areas of the business.

Still, for consistency sake, what will they do with other things found in its stores. Like alcohol, the hard stuff, the fortified stuff?

 Bad diet pills?

Sugary candies?

Foods loaded with fat?

The conscience shouldn’t stop with tobacco.

Still, it’s refreshing to see a corporation take a stand against Big Tobacco.

Really, what can you say about a product that when you use it in the only way possible causes death?

Tobacco is more acceptable than heroin, the stuff that killed actor Philip Seymour Hoffman on Super Bowl Sunday.

But tobacco kills more than heroin, and you can buy it easier over-the-counter.  Maybe this is the beginning of the end?

A company that cares more for your health gets my money. Imagine a smoker going to a drug store and being able to get something to help quit, AND cigarettes. That’s a one-stop-shop that doesn’t make sense.

Other corporate stores will likely continue to sell tobacco under the guise that they are giving you a choice—to kill yourself.

But that’s the same-old, same-old. Oh, and BTW; It’s not likely to bother Big Tobacco. That’s why its spent the last 30 years addicting Asia and the Third World. Spreading the love.

So CVS looks for real.

Bye Walgreen. Bye Duane. Bye Rite-Aid.  



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