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9/11 fatigue? Not yet…it’s only 9/9! Besides, there was a good side to 9/11, that’s always worth remembering

It’s already happening. I heard someone in the media start sounding 9/11 phobic, like “haven’t we had enough memories, already.”

I don’t want to be a contrarian here. I’ve been saving up for this signifcant bench mark. The Tenth is special. Just far away and just close enough for some real perspective.

Besides, there’s a good part about 9/11 that we need to get in touch with again. It’s the part that sees all of us as one. 

No differences. Just our common humanity.  That’s worth enduring the big weekend rememberance.   Check out my amok comments on the subject at the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund blog: http://aaldef.org/blog/taking-the-leap-the-horror-and-the-love-of-911.html