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Emil Guillermo: This week’s writing–Report says Asian Americans overcharged for SAT Prep; The slur on Asians by the Wall Street Journal; And the deportation cloud over Daniel Maher

SAT PREP OVERCHARGING:  It’s being called a “Tiger Mom Tax.”  There’s nothing illegal about unintended discrimination in online pricing, but that doesn’t make it right. I report on NBCNews.com’s Asian America section.


TIME TO RETIRE ‘CHINK IN THE ARMOR.” : It’s ok if you’re a fashion reporter discussing the latest medieval designs (“What would Lancelot wear?” ) But when describing China’s president? No, no, Wall Street Journal. Here’s where we need an apology.


DEPORTATION CLOUD:   Daniel Maher immigrated  to the U.S. from Macao when he was 2. But now China and ICE are using him as a political pawn and he can still be swept up and  deported at any time. Read my piece on NBCNews.com.