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Emil Amok on that Trump call. Did you hear it? PLUS: An UPDATE on what I call “the unthinkably thinkable.” It’s happening before our eyes. What happens when an unqualified, unstable person is in the highest office of the land. CALL IT WHAT IT IS–THE GOP’s “SOFT COUP.”

Roughly one-third of Asian Americans backed Trump in November. I wonder if they heard the “Georgia Shakedown” call?
Early voters in today’s Georgia runoff couldn’t have heard it. They were mostly Democrats. But I wonder how many voters came out today because of that call? And if they voted against the president and the Republicans, for the Democrats.
The votes are being counted now. Despite an early lead for Democrats, Republicans have inched ahead just now.
Will follow.
Woke up and it appears reddish folk did go blue in Georgia.
I went to sleep after Warnock made history.
But Ossoff was still waiting for votes to be counted. By this morning, there were enough Democratic votes to put
him ahead ever so slightly over Perdue. Ossoff has made a statement this morning confident that more blue strongholds counted will add to his number.
But no one in the media is calling it for Ossoff officially yet.
Meantime, the pro-Trump folks are in DC waiting to egg on the Congress to do something unconstitutional.
CNN used the word “coup” in a banner headline.
What other options are there for Trump except to do what he has made the unthinkably thinkable.


Well at 10:12a.m., it looks like VP Pence is holding steady and will play by the rules. Trump is at his rally mouthing lies. But it looks like adults are regaining control of our poltiical environment.
At this point. The move to object to Arizona’s count for some apparent reule breaking has been announced. Spoke too soon. The food fight has begun again.

Joint session is a good civics lesson for the country. This is how rancorous members throw a monkey wrench in the proceedings. People can see what a charade it is. Founding fathers didn’t intend on making this a joke if one doesn’t agree. But this has become how people act when they lose. They obstruct, they go to disharmony as their only hope. They could easily try to work together. That would be better for the country. Instead, we have this nonsense. People protecting their selfish interests when they have lost. For Republicans to talk about rule of law to disenfranchise the counting of electoral votes in order to obstruct democracy is a joke.

We are witnessing the GOP trying to steal the election in Congress.
This is the attempted “soft coup.”

10:46 am.
Does seeing McConnell give his floor speech make him a hero or a hypocrite?
Where was his spine the last four years?

UPDATE 11:23am
Protesters are inside the Capitol building. Trump should call off his dogs. But doubtful if even he has any control. If these were people of color, the military would have been out in full display. America is degenerating before our eyes.

UPDATE 11:35am pacific
Trump supporters storming the Capitol and Trump saying nothing. This is Trump’s farewell? Scary.Disgusting. “Soft Coup” is getting more “hard.”

UPDATE: 11:47am pacific.
Trump sets off anarchy, then calls for “martial law”? I wouldn’t put it past him now. He’s the American mad man.

UPDATE: 1:54 p.m. Pacific
Just stunned by what has transpired at the Capitol. Was watching it all transpire, wondering where was law enforcement? The double standard between this and the BLM protest in June is an outrage. This is the Trump “White America” party being formed before our eyes.

I had to stop and just watch what was happening. Heartaching. I used to work in that building. Then I watched CSPAN and all the speeches and laughed at Sen.Lindsay Graham’s attitude. It makes you hate politics. Got to process all this before I become I really explode. MORE TO COME.

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