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Emil Guillermo: My scoop on Sherry Chen; After spy charges dropped, her employer, the National Weather Service, still wants her fired; See the documents here. And Scoop No.2: Federal spy charges against Temple University’s Xiaoxing Xi to be dropped, sources say.


Sherry Chen, 59,  whose given name is Xiafen, is the Chinese American scientist who was accused of spying in 2014.

Then in March 2015, after pleading not guilty, the charges were dropped. “Prosecutorial discretion,” was the official reason given by the federal prosecutors.

But life was still on a yo-yo for Chen, who was left dangling on paid leave, but not on the job.

This week we found out what her employers at the National Weather Service want to do.

Fire her.

The spying  charges (related to use of another’s password to gain access to sensitive material on dams and reservoirs) have been dropped against her. But now  Chen has been given notice at her job, and could be gone in 30 days.

Here is the first graph of the letter.


Chen may still fight this personnel matter. But  once the taint of “spy” is placed on you, even as an allegation, it’s unlikely you’ll ever return to your same government workplace.

The government denies any racial profiling on Chen was involved.

But she continues to pay a price despite the dropping of all espionage charges against her.

Read my story for NBCNews.com’s Asian America site.

The story that ran 9/9/2015, also includes the scoop that the feds are dropping the spy charges against Temple University scientist Xiaoxing Xi.

New York Times posted “breaking story” on Temple prof on 9/11/15.