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Emil Guillermo: Pope gets long :15 second applause in New York when he thanks religious women, the sisters and mothers….


But imagine what would happen if he really went radical and suggested that the women he thanked could be seen as equals to ordained priests?

Maybe he’s saving that for his second trip to America.



I’m  still getting over the Pope’s Congressional speech and his reference to Dorothy Day of the Catholic worker movement, and Thomas Merton.

It indicates he’s serious about  social justice by holding up Day as an example. And that he’s also hoping for more the openness and dialogue by pointing to Merton.

And delivering it all is the Pope in his soft spoken voice,  alluring to all. There’s no “capitalism is the dung of the devil” rhetoric like he used in South America. But the message in the U.S. is both critical and loving at the same time.

Like a good, grandfatherly pastor. We sit back and listen with respect.  And take it all to heart. And maybe going forward, we act.