Emil Amok’s Takeout!!! E371: Cheney’s 7p heart; U.S. pulling out of Covid war? E370: Liz Cheney wants us? Only if she spells her name Ch-AA-ney? What an Asian American thinks about Cheney’s call to save democracy. E369, Breaking down Liz Cheney; Drug stores are Drug stores, as judge forces CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart to pay $650.5 Million to Opioid addicted.

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E371 Friday 8.19.22 More Cheney chat; Why is U.S. pulling out of Covid War? And then what?

E370 Thursday 8.18.22 Do we join Cheney’s national referendum on Trump? Also: Stelter canned; Journo Judge. The Gnus…

E369. Wednesday, 8.17.22 Cheney for real? We break down her speech.