Emil Amok’s Takeout/My takes on all things considerable; E368: Feather in Biden’s Cap–The Climate/Health benefits of Inflation Reduction Act; Liz Cheney; Sacheen Littlefeather; T.J. Cox; E367/ FPOTUS stands for what again? The F part? Hawaii Primary results; More FANHS stuff; E366/Unsealing Trump the Spy; My virtual “keynote” at the Filipino National Historical Society (FANHS) convention.

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E368 Tuesday 8.16.22 Biden’s Doing $750 Billion of Something for the American People, while GOP Defend FPOTUS; Gnus….

E367 Monday 8.15.22 FPOTUS, FFGOH? Hawaii Primary, FANHS, Gnus…

E366 Friday 8.12.22 Trump the Spy? Plus my FANHS “keynote.”