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Emil Amok is Emil Guillermo is : Recipes!! Plus an addendum for David Feldman Show listeners on Giuliani’s leakiness

Hey DFS watchers/listeners:
No leek soup recipes here. Just the good stuff. Vegan, no oil recipes actually used (you can see the kitchen scars), battle-tested, and consumed.
Potato Pancakes and Pumpkin Bread pudding. Some from FOK. Some from other sources. Enjoy.

Now for the Feldman #1194, just want to say I had not heard about Giuliani’s leakiness until after. I am sensitive to these things being a person of color myself.
So I know Rudy’s pain is greater than his Borat movie shirt-tuck. (That is all he did, tuck. A shirt. What the tuck?) But to leak on himself during a press conference. This is worst than a leaky diaper. Depends? Ok how about a leaky colostomy bag?

Oh, instead we settled for another round of Toobing.

I promise to do better. Here’s your recipies.Emil vegan recipes for Feldman fans

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Emil Amok at the Marsh–Tonight Oct. 5, 7:30 pm. (PDT)

I cut my hair for tonight’s show: Emil Amok: Covid 2020.
An excerpt from a work in progress!

It’s free. It’s fun. It’s amok.
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Emil Amok’s Takeout: John Lewis’ “Good Trouble;” Trump’s “Bad Trouble;” NHL Filipino? Another Ted Talk…YES!

Trump wants to delay the elections? Not like I’ve delayed this podcast, but a more serious breach…. really?

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Emil Amok’s Takeout: Happy July 4th, 5th, 6th… Hamilton, Mt. Rushmore, plus another TED Talk.

Hey, Happy Fourth. I finally got around to “Hamilton.” It only took me five years. It’s easier to get into Harvard.
And guess what. My buddy Ishmael Reed was right. So why are brown and black actors playing the oppressors so cool?
That and a lot more on this episode.

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