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Emil Amok: The Smithsonian names Theo Gonzalves interim head of Asian Pacific American Center; plus, more police incompetence, and how low white pundits will go to deny Asian American hate crimes. It’s Emil Amok’s Takeout for 4/12/21. Watch/Listen now!

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Emil Amok: There’s still time to go Vegan to start 2021. Here’s the way, with Jackie Day.

I am proud to say I am certified in plant-based nutrition! Certified, I tell you!
It just means I’m a legit vegan who can preach and do the sign of the carrot.
I also host “The PETA Podcast.”
Here’s my interview with author Jackie Day. Her book, “The Vegan Way,” is a good guide to help
you get to your vegan goal. Listen here:

Want a vegan coach? Email me and I will help you!

Big on Animal rights. But big on human rights too. See my column on the AALDEF site.

Emil Amok! Emil Guillermo’s vlog-cast…on Coronavirus, Filipino Nurses in the NY Times, Filipino American history, MLK, Filipino American Racism toward Blacks, Trump Finale, Biden beginning…all that and more.

Prof. Daniel Phil Gonzales joins me…

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It’s Midnight Somewhere: Emil Amok says, “Happy New Year,” and contemplates a Gong Drop to prevent a 2020 2.0

OK, maybe next year we’ll drop a Kulintang gong!
Here’s a New Year’s Greeting….

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