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Emil Guillermo: Can’t get enough of those National Spelling Bee champs? The Filipino word didn’t stump them. Nor did the Fijian word, as South Asians dominate.

Must say it was an exciting finish last night.  And the real history was made when Vanya Shivashankar became co-champ. Her sister Kavya won in 2009 on the word laodicean.

No siblings have ever won the title in the 88-year history of the National Spelling Bee.

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It’s been said the Spelling Bee is the Indian Super Bowl.  Indeed,  South Asians have won 7 straight years.

Last night, some potential stumpers included a Filipino word. Not filicite, that’s got nothing to do with Filipinos.

And thamakau, which has nothing to do with cows.


Now that’s a Filipino word.

And co-champ Gokul Venkatacham  got it in the 7th round.





Emil Guillermo: China goes Spratly; Filipinos take note, so now must the U.S.

The U.S. has tried for years to keep the Spratly  Island situation from being the small thing that becomes the big thing in world affairs.

But now it seems, China is ready to go all in on the little islands that from a satellite cam look like little amoeba.


Last week, a U.S. surveillance plane  operation was sternly warned for  flying over the area. This week, China released a  new White Paper, letting all the world know that China is in fact  beefing up its Navy and is ready  to attack if attacked upon.

So now it’s not just the Philippines getting bullied.  How does the U.S. respond?

First things first. Get to know your Spratlys.

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Emil Guillermo: ICYMI–Here’s Rupert Jee’s greatest hits. But are we laughing with him or at him? And for good measure, some Foo Fighters to end an era.

Is it sad to see an Asian American man subjected to this?

Or is it just good, clean fun?

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And what the heck.
Here was my favorite part of the final show.
The finale.