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The most liberal thing Ronald Reagan ever did…

was his progressive use of hair color.

Now that was the kind of black he really could get into.

He also passed the Civil Liberties Act of  1988, 25 years ago this month.

How can we forget it?  Easy. Do you remember what the Act even did?

But Stop and Frisk policies will help jog your memory. Stop and Frisk is like the internment—without the housing. 

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Federal judge declares “stop-and-frisk” policies in New York unconstitutional

When you consider the policy resulted in more than 4. 4 million stops  of primarily African American and Latino males  between 2004-2012, the court ruling puts a  major dent in the law-and-order legacy of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The judge found nearly 88 percent of the stops resulted in no arrest or ticket. Stop-and-frisk was a free pass to stop and harass.


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