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The inaugural was a triumph. It was safe, it was small. But it ushered in a much-needed change. A new president, a new day. And a new call for unity.
“Politics doesn’t have to be a raging fire,” President Biden said in his speech. “Every disagreement doesn’t have to be a cause for total war.”

But after Jan. 6 these words from Biden stood out for me: “We must end this uncivil war.”

It was a great speech for the moment. And it was a great moment for historic change.

Vice President Kamala Harris became the first woman of Asian American and African American descent to ascend to the vice-presidency. We’ve never seen that ever.

This is the history that will help wipe out what we’ve experienced since 2017, the worst presidency in American history.

It remains a big challenge for Biden and Harris and for all of us, as we enter this country’s period of the great undoing.

Just about everything Trump did needs to be reversed. It’s the repair of the political infrastructure.

PC Trump (PC for “private citizen” but as his own protocol to demand birth certificates I haven’t seen his, but we’d all settle for a tax return) left early. Didn’t go to the ceremony. He would have been out of place. His final words? “So have a good life. We will see you soon.” Then “YMCA” played at the faux rally at Andrews attended by a handful of people.

He didn’t say he won, but he is learning to say how he “got 75 million votes and that’s a record in the history of sitting presidents.” That’s one way to couch it without saying the magic phrase “in a losing cause.”

The inauguration is not just a party day. The reversal of the last four years is beginning at the White House and the Senate.
Executive orders are coming to impact immigration and reverse the Muslim ban.

Some Americans are experiencing a sigh of relief. Others are feeling dread over what to do with their Qanon swag.

This is the big challenge of America. How to love your enemy.

There was a letter. But Biden has too much grace to unveil what it said.
I wrote a column before hand. It’s my letter to Trump about what to put in the letter.

See my piece on the AALDEF site.

I added a Bannon top for my Inquirer.net readers.

UPDATE 2:39 pm Pacific
First time I heard the word “honeymoon” mentioned. Everyone is “feel good” now. But for how long.
Funny how quickly Trump seems so irrelevant. Just wait till the impeachment trial. Once people remember the way things were before Trump, politicos may be able to work together.
It’s the art of politics. Not the artless bullying of Trump.

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