Emil Amok’s Takeout: E386/British Gulag; Queen’s Dirty Secrets; God Save the Monarchy? No thanks; Quinto; Jayapal’s Death Threats; E385/Mourning the Queen, Celebrating the Obamas; Bernie Shaw; Anne Garrels; I’ll take heat waves over earthquakes and floods; E384/ Burning Filipino, 106 degrees; BOMO portraits; Niou no run; Quinto cops cleared; Trump Nuke Docs; E383/My anti-Heat trick; Frances Tiafo; Linsanity; Gnus; E382/Laboring on Labor Day; Special Master monkey wrench; The Gnus; Soul of America; Student Loan; Serena; Everything Everywhere Asian America at once. Watch recordings here.

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E386 9.9.22 The Queen’s Secrets; British Gulag; Charles in Charge; Angelo Quinto; Rep. Jayapal’s Death Threats.

E385 9.8.22 Mourning the Queen, Celebrating the Obamas; Journo passings/Bernie Shaw, Anne Garrels; Give me heat over floods, quakes.

E384 9.7.22 Burning Filipino; BOMO portraits; Niou No Run; Quinto Cops Cleared; GNUS…

E383 9.6.22 Beat the heat; Tiafo Wins; Linsanity Signs; Gnus…

E382 9.5.22 Everything Everywhere Asian American At Once; Labor Day Perspective; Soul of America; Truth; Serena is a winner.

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