Emil Guillermo: After the rage, there should be no debate; Gun violence, mass killings have become like “Groundhog Day” in our country, a wicked cliché and a perversion of American freedom. What are we going to do?

I’ve written so much about gun violence in the last year alone, the broken record has become like the movie, “Groundhog Day.”

You think the president is tired of it?

People who have had a bullet shatter their lives with the loss of a loved one know all too well.

And the best NRA supporters can say is “gun up.” This isn’t a matter of self-defense. This is about public policy now. Guns, and more guns, is like adding one too many jalapeno into the pot. We don’t need more.

Enough is enough.

 My cousin Stephen was just a single death. But it doesn’t matter. They all add up. They all didn’t have to happen. And they only happened  because laws enabled shooters to become killers.

The 2nd Amendment shouldn’t be open season on Americans.