Emil Guillermo is Emil Amok: What Does an Asian American Think About… E228: Ukraine; Omicron; Lincecum; Trump’s woes; Yao Pan Ma; E227: More Biden+1 (year); Michelle Go, AALDEF column, We’ve all been pushed; E226–Biden’s Press Conference; Michelle Go Vigil; Trillionaire’s Anti-Uyghur rant; E225: Michelle Go, AAPI Hate, and Subway Violence; Govt. Covid Tests; Show 224: The Asian flavor of MLK Day; Voting Rights Fight; Shang-Chi’s Emil; Show 223: Sinema’s Stymie; Prof. Daniel Phil Gonzales on Sedition; Show 222: Sinema Sinks Biden’s Vote Bid; More Fox/Fauci/PETA; Jan.6 Oath Keeper arrest; Kevin McCarthy’s Own Big Lie; Ronnie Spector is Asian?Show 221: My wife on Fox; Biden’s “I have a Dream” But will he have the votes by MLK Day?Give in to Omicron? No; Fauci/Fox/Real Foxes; Saget; Show 220: What does an Asian American think about Biden’s Voting Rights Speech; Show 219: Omnicron note from a friend; AAPI Football Fans; Show 218: Sidney Poitier; Suni Lee; Victor Wong; More Jan.6; Prof. Dan Gonzales; Show 217: My Jan.6 meditation; Why we should care about the threat to democracy; Show 216: Prof. Wax’s hate; Show 215: Elizabeth Holmes is Tech’s Bernie Madoff; Mask-up; Apple worth $3 Trillion; AALDEF and the Unity map; Show 214: The podcast vs livestream; Download Emil Amok’s Takeout –No.104, the podcast.

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Episode 104: American Filipinos’ continuing trauma over the U.S. colonization of the Philippines.

E228: Jan.21, 2022… Mislabeled as Show 226; Ukraine; Yao Pan Ma; Omicron; Tim Lincecum HOF; Prof. Dan Gonzales… E.227: THURSDAY, Jan.20, 2022 Biden,Plus One (year); We’ve all been pushed; AALDEF column; Teddy Roosevelt down; Liveshot gone bad.

E.226: WEDNESDAY, Jan.19, 2022 Biden Press Conference reaction; Michelle Go vigil; A trillionaire’s anti-Uyghur rant.

E.225: TUESDAY, Jan.18, 2022 Michelle Go Vigil; NYC Subway Violence; Kendra’s Law; Voting Rights Fight

SHOW 224: MONDAY, Jan. 17, 2022 MLK Day!

SHOW 223: Friday, Jan 14, 2022 Djokovic, No Prince Andrew; Biden, Oathkeepers, and Prof. Dan Gonzales on Sedition…

SHOW 222: Thursday, Jan.13, 2022 Sinema Sinks Biden’s Voting Rights Bid; McCarthy’s Hypocrisy; Ronnie Spector is one of us?

SHOW 221: Wednesday, Jan.12, 2022 The Reaction to Biden’s Speech; Omicron; My wife on Fox/Fauci; Saget….

SHOW 220: Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2022 Biden’s Voting Rights Speech: Does it Signal Real Action? Or Is It Too Little Too Late?

SHOW 219: Monday, Jan.10, 2022; Omnicron Note from a friend; AAPI Football Fan Weekend…

SHOW 218: Friday, Jan. 7, 2022 Poitier; Suni Lee; Post-Jan.6; Arbery killers sentenced; Prof. Daniel Phil Gonzales…

SHOW 217: Thursday, Jan. 6, 2022 My Jan. 6 Meditation

SHOW 216: Wednesday, Jan.5, 2022 Prof.Wax’s racism; NPR Exits; Omicron…

SHOW 215: Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2022 Elizabeth Holmes; Masks/Omicron risks; NY Redistricting for AAPI; Kal Penn; Apple $3 Trillion….

SHOW 214: Monday, Jan. 3, 2022