Emil Guillermo is Emil Amok: Show 174: Colin Powell’s Funeral, doing good, being good, and being a good solider; more with Prof. Dan; Show 173–The AALDEF Poll, Obama anniversary, more; Show 172–Did you feel the Wu Train? Don’t look to VA for guidance, say “Wu, Wu, Wu.” Show 171: Voting Day; Day of the Dead; Mile High Suspect, AAPI? NewScan; Show 170-UC Berkeley’s colonial reckoning over Filipino display; NewScan: Huma Abedin, Virginia vote, climate change, anti-Chop baseball, more. It’s Emil Amok’s Takeout Live Not Live.

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SHOW 174 Nov.5, 2021 Colin Powell Funeral. They weren’t singing about the general when they sang “How Great Thou Art.” Also Biden’s Build Back Cheaper getting a boost. Listen/Watch! SHOW 173 Nov.4, 2021 Your AAPI microtalk show… SHOW 172 Nov.3. 2021 Republicans won. Election rigged? No. Dead people vote? No. But big story. Michelle Wu and the AAPI grassroots victories.

SHOW 171 Nov.2,2021 VOTE; Day of the Dead; Boston, VA races; AAPI Mayors; Mile High Suspect, AAPI…

SHOW 170: Nov.1, 2021 UCBerkeley’s Odd End to Filipino History Month. The C in UC stands for “Colonial.”

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