First Asian American Mayor in SF? Or Will Ranked-Choice Voting prevent it from happening?

Sure, I’d  like to see history be made.  But In my  “Amok” column for the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund blog, I wondered about the  scenario no one seems to want to contemplate.

What if no Asian Americans get a majority of the vote and San Francisco fails to produce its first elected Asian American mayor?

It’s very possible that because of Ranked Choice Voting, as well as some of the recent headlines generated by the campaigns the last few weeks, that none of the five top Asian American  candidates could get  the majority needed to win.

And then what? Would that be the end of the world? Maybe for Rose Pak and Willie Brown, but that’s not so bad.

If you’re a San Francisco registered voter, don’t forget to vote. And remember, that to really make your ballot count to its full potential under ranked choice voting, make it a triple.