From New Hampshire to South Carolina, his bane is Bain: Romney the Sado-Capitalist is truly out of touch

The irony of the good capitalists going after the bad capitalists is really hilarious. But that’s the primary issue in the Republican campaign.

We have Gingrich, the former House Speaker, going after front-runner Romney, the bad 1 per center, and talking about the villainy of “Crony Capitalism,” as if he never participated in anything of the sort during his leadership tenure.  

Of course, Romney’s saving grace is that his harshest critic is Gingrich, the campaign’s biggest megalomaniac.   (Rick Perry, you can’t count. This is now just political exercise for him. It is for Gingrich too, but like everything else Gingrich’s attack is so grand).

The others are playing nice because they wouldn’t mind a cabinet post or ambassadorship. Or maybe a job at Bain if Romney loses.

But Bain really does matter. Not necessarily for Romney’s won and loss record, but for all that it stands for. Critiquing venture capitalists and the Wall Streeters for their greed and lack of regulation is a legitimate issue.

Matt Lauer on TODAY exposed Romney, who thinks any criticism is a matter of envy.


That just shows how out of touch the Mister Mitt really is.

Read the quote in my New Hampshire comments on the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund blog: