Gang of Eight gets it done in the Senate, 68-32; So why doesn’t it feel so great?

All the talk early in the week of the immigration deal turning into a  “blur” or the possibility of some revolt in the Senate turned out to be just that—talk.  The Senate bill passed handily with all the security to militarize immigration  and none of the humanity that marked the family-oriented immigration policies in the past. Conservatives were appeased enough to show “bi-partisan” support for the bill. Meanwhile, all the items Asian Americans wanted added on to the bill continued to be ignored.

But it isn’t over.

The fight continues on to the House. 

And then the real horse trading begins in conference.

We’ve just finished Act I of a three-act play.

What we end up with may not be very different from what was passed today.

So the compromising isn’t over. 

Check out what I wrote earlier on the proposal on the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund blog.