Manny Pacquiao should quit now and run for president of the Philippines

Would Manny be worse than anyone else being mentioned now?  That country has already had a B-movie action hero as president.  So far, some of the names bandied about include a  Catholic priest and  a former TV anchor.  A boxer? Why not? Pacquiao could at least live up to the traditional standard political rhetoric. Last year, when Hillary Clinton said she would “fight for you,”  voters didn’t buy it.  If Manny says he will fight for you, now that’s credibility!  Budgets,  public policy, creating a middle class?  PacMan can hire technocrats to figure out those details. ,Pacquiao’s emerging fame from the Hatton fight and his “shot heard round the world” already makes him more  famous and influential than the current president of the Philippines, Gloria-what’s-her-name.

The Philippines desperately needs a leader, a man who can inspire and bring hope. And change.

Sound familiar?

As I’ve said, Pacquiao’s  pugilistic rock-star appeal  makes him potentially  the Barrack Obama of the Philippines.

If  you were being frugal and didn’t get the pay-per-view,  catch the PacMan put the hurt on Hatton.

The shot heard round the world?  See for yourself.