On talent, it’s Adam Lambert; But will America vote for a Gay “Idol”?

Hands down, Adam Lambert has been the most talented performer to emerge from this season’s cast.  The guy is s Freddie Mercury and Ethel Merman’s love child. (Imagine that one for a minute).

But I’m just not sure if America is ready to vote for such an openly gay idol.

It shouldn’t matter, of course. Ask Sir Elton John how its hurt his career.

But Adam seems to have been  hit by a sudden rise in the appreciation of Arkansas troubadour Kris Allen. To be fair, Kris is a gifted singer in his own right, just not the best.

Throughout the entire season,  no one has quite dominated like Adam. He’s has been a mountain of talent next to some nice little musical molehills.  He’s been so far ahead of the pack, Adam’s been the show’s Rachel Alexandra, by golly.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s toned it down a bit for prime-time.

But leaving it up to a fan’s vote makes it questionable whether he will be fairly  rewarded for his domination this year.

Adam deserves to win tonight.

If Adam doesn’t and Kris wins by a slight margin, it won’t be because Kris was more talented.  Chalk it up to good old fashioned American homophobia.  From gay marriage to gays in the miltary, we know it’s there. Why should “American Idol” be immune?