Should Oikos University take some blame in how it treated Goh?

One L. Goh, the Oikos University gunman gets his perp walk today. It’s not the nursing school graduation he hoped to have some day.

Hard to see how it could have been any different as more is revealed about Goh.

The Chronicle has an interview with Romie Delariman, Goh’s nursing instructor.

She calls Goh “mentally unstable” and “paranoid.”

But if the intstructor was correct in her assessment, why didn’t the small school attempt to address the issue? 

In the Virginia Tech shooting, much was made of how the local mental health care responders did come in and make a difference in 2007, but it was all after the fact.

All the post-mortems of that tragedy still come to the conclusion that the overall access to mental health care at the school was lacking leading up to what became the most violent school shooting in U.S. history.

But that was big Viriginia Tech. This is small Oikos U.  It seems that given the more intimate setting of the Oakland nursing school there should have been a little better effort to connect Goh to the help he obviously needed.

Instead, it seems it help usher him out the door. Was Oikos Goh’s safety net that failed?

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