Video: Rush Limbaugh’s ching-chong antics lead to death threats to Calif. State Senator Leland Yee

Blacks would be outraged if someone resorted so publicly to  a pickaninny-sambo slur in the 21st Century.  Pass the fried chicken and the watermelon while you’re at it.

But for Asian Americans, 18th Century racism still applies.

Rush Limbaugh seems to think that it’s still okay to mock Chinese speech, especially if it’s Chinese President Hu at a press conference with President Obama. But ching-chong jokes are so old school. And besides where’s the satire?  Was Limbaugh mocking policy, like  free trade and open corporate agreements with China?  Or was he just making an ad hominem attack disguised as humor going after not just Hu but all Asian people?

State Senator Leland Yee was not out of line to call for an apology.

But look at the nasty death threats that were faxed and voice-messaged to Yee.

They are a disgusting reminder that when icons like Limbaugh give the greenlight, his followers are ready to swing into action.

After Tucson, I thought we were trying to bury the poisonous rhetoric?  

So what’s Limbaugh doing trying to revive the Cold War? “The Chinese will bury us” ?

Check out the evolution of the story on this link through Media Matters:

Leland Yee on MSNBC\’S \”The Ed Show\”