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Emil Amok: The Smithsonian names Theo Gonzalves interim head of Asian Pacific American Center; plus, more police incompetence, and how low white pundits will go to deny Asian American hate crimes. It’s Emil Amok’s Takeout for 4/12/21. Watch/Listen now!

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Emil Amok’s Storytime! On Good Friday, 4pm Pacific/7p Eastern… Emil talks about growing up Filipino in SF; then is joined by Asian American Storytellers in Unity. FREE!

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I’ll be doing an excerpt from my “Amok Monologues,” my “I Left My Lumpia in San Francisco” story.

And other tellers from around the country will share stories from their Asian American experience.

Get to know the AAPI story!

Good Friday, 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern

LIVE on Facebook and on my EMIL GUILLERMO MEDIA page.

#STOPASIANHATE get to know the AAPI story.