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Emil Amok: Listen to my podcast farewell to Corky Lee, Asian America’s “photographer laureate.” Plus my 2017 APA Heritage Month conversation with Corky.

I say goodbye to Corky here as I read the piece from the AALDEF blog.
Then, listen to the 2017 conversation where Corky talks about his life and why the Transcontinental Railroad picture meant so much to him.
At the end, he gets emotional about his friend, historian Philip Choy who taught Chinese American history at San Francisco State University.
It’s a revealing moment in a conversation that shows Corky, the person, the man behind the lens, who at times was invisible to us all as he stalked the best shot at Asian American events.
It’s one of the few times we took the time to really talk to each other.

It’s my “all-in-one” podcast tribute to Corky.

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Emil Amok is mourning. My pal, photographer Corky Lee has died of Covid.

Add my pal Corky Lee to the list of Americans who have fallen in the Covid War.

No one can tell me Covid is fake or that the pandemic is not real.

Corky was a true Asian American fighter.

He always pushed me to do better, always, for Asian Americans, for the greater good.

I will miss him dearly.

More later on the AALDEF blog.