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In case you didn’t realize it–Trayvon Martin is a descendent of Vincent Chin

A reader from Philadelphia re-tweeted me this sign from a protest there.

Note Vincent Chin’s name at the bottom of the sign.

It’s significant. Trayvon’s family may ultimately take the same road Chin took to seek justice: a criminal case followed by a civil rights case. But as followers of the Chin story know, the Martin’s could find the same pitfalls. Bottom line: there’s simply no guarantee of justice at the end of that long road.

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On Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman, Marion Barry, and Ralph Barbieri

The Trayvon Martin case shows how society still struggles in the old Black and White paradigm.

The ultimate arrest of George Zimmerman is just the beginning. Now the  real argument can begin about what happened on the night of Martin’s death.  That couldn’t happen until there was an arrest and a charge, and now we have that. The month-and-a-half delay we’ve  had was caused by a racist mindset.  In a game of “Who’s the Perp,” Zimmerman or Martin, the knee-jerk reaction ruled the day. Of course, the perp is…

Law enforcement stood its ground as long as it could. 

But, of course we don’t know who the perp is really.

We only knew the stereotype. Maybe now we have a chance at the truth. But given the burden of proof and the availability of evidence, getting justice will not be easy.


In spite of all this diversity we have in our society, America is still stuck in that oldblack/white paradigm. Throw in a little Asian into the mix, and see how hard it is to get justice. Make the perp of the racism a black leader of some prominence in the nation’s capital, and guess what you get? Certainly, no relief for Asian Americans. 

The case of Marion Barry  http://aaldef.org/blog/fighting-barrys-racist-eruption.html shows how difficult it still is for Asian Americans to get the respect they deserve. If such an obviously racist comment as Barry’s gets barely a wrist slap, we certainly aren’t as far in this race thing  as we think.Sure, there have been rebukes from D.C. politicians, but Barry is still in his job as responsible, credible, respectable D.C. councilman.

If any of us had indicated a desire to run members of a specific race out of our neighborhoods, blacks, whites, Asians or Latinos, we would be slapped so hard we wouldn’t know what hit us. But Barry, who has survived FBI crack stings, drug convictions, jail time, remains standing as a public official. This Asian race flap? Just a “2,” he says, on a scale of one through ten. Racism? Against Asian Americans? Are you kidding?



I don’t really know Ralph personally, but how can you not say you “know” him after he spent most of his adult life letting you know what he thought?

That’s the life of the talk show host. Did I listen? Well, I’m a Giants fan and had the radio on in the afternoon.  So let’s see, I know Ralph worked at Sport Magazine, was in adverstising, lived in Hawaii, grew up in Northern California, went to USF, had some alcohol and driving issues, worked at KNBR, adopted a son, liked long winded questions, worked at KNBR, tangled a lot with Brian Sabean, liked thin crust pizza, worked at KNBR, picked up Tolbert as a partner, liked Sean Estes, worked at KNBR, revealed his Parkinson’s, worked at KNBR, worked at KNBR, worked at KNBR.

Something stands out in that litany.  His longevity at KNBR. As a guy who has worked in TV and Radio and know what a revolving door it can be, I admire the fact that he endured so long. And yet, I also know that when you’re behind the mike and you think it’s such an intimate thing, it is. But only between the listener and you. The corporation is no family, and despite what the Supreme Court says, is not a real person. Corporations sign the checks. And then they don’t.

I wish Ralph well. I didn’t realize his age, but KNBR getting rid of a 66-year-old? They probably know what that will cost them. From the reports I’ve seen, Ralph was apparently well compensated.

And I know he was a vegetarian. Coming from a PETA household as I do, I know you can save a lot of money not eating meat.

Good luck Ralph. And go Sharks.