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Emil Guillermo: Trumping Kim Jong Un’s “bomb” claim in news cycle, Trump says, “China should solve that problem.” So a Trump presidency’s foreign policy on a big issue like N.Korea is essentially a business solution: You outsource it. And then he tells CNN, he’d get Mexico to help pay to build his wall or tax their trade. Talk radio campaign stuff.

It’s all business with Trump. China can handle North Korea? “They can handle it so easily,” he says to CNN. “They’re taunting us.” Trump’s answer is to use the leverage of taxing trade.

Trump laughs at the politicians who think he’s kidding. And then on his wall along the Mexican border, says Mexico will have to pay for it. Or he’ll put tariffs on trade. Everything is easy with Trump. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy in real life.

Emil Guillermo: U.S. disputes Kim Jong Un’s bomb size. Yes, it’s come to that. When is an H-bomb a Hoax bomb? When it lacks the visual punch of a hydrogen fusion explosive and more of the smaller footprint of an atomic fission bomb. But either is a big birthday candle for Kim who turns 33 on Jan. 8.

When is an H-bomb a Hoax bomb?  The U.S. says the size is inconsistent with hydrogen bombs, and more like fission type atomic bombs.  So a bomb isn’t always a BOMB.

And this may be Kim’s way to have one foot in the news cycle, a step ahead of Donald Trump.